We have a dream...
           ...that one day...
                       ...we are going to live in a world with NO BORDERS.

It is difficult to imagine this reality in 2007, 2008...

                       ...while it is much easier to imagine it in 2100!

We are going to do whatever it takes to celebrate the new year of the 22nd century in a world with NO BORDERS, NO WEAPONS and NO HUNGRY PEOPLE.

Imagine today is 1st of January, 2100...

...we live in a WORLD FEDERATION, where people can travel, work or live anywhere in the world. There is no need for arms, because there are no borders. We have an excellent, democratic world government that protects the rights of its citizens and takes care that the will of the people is transformed into reality.

There is no such term as “unwanted child”. We make sure that every child has the most pleasant experience of the first years of his visit to the Earth. The early education will equip the children with joy, knowledge and wisdom. They know how to easily interact with other people and follow their dreams. People nowadays feel joyful, attractive and love to learn new things. We enjoy our differences. People today travel all over the place and share their stories! People do not feel the need to engage in suicidal activities - they rarely jump from bridges or pour alcohol in their body.

We finally realized we are guests on this planet and we live in harmony with our environment. We take what we need from the nature and give it back what we can. We live in clean cities, breathe fresh air and we can find the quietness in the nearby forest.

We have reached the climax in science, technology and medicine. All the information are freely accessible to anyone, as well as new technological stuff and we offer free medical care to all the world citizens. We live the highest vision of the humanity. The Earth is now a peaceful, creative place in the period of PARTY TIME.

OK, now back to “the real world”. It is difficult to achieve and agree about these things if we set the deadline too soon, but 2100... who will disagree? All the rulers, drug dealers and rich entrepreneurs will be dead by then.

Let’s get together and find the way how to make these dreams true. We need YOU to believe in this and contribute with your ideas, resources or energy. Join us on the web at Make a few copies, translate it into your language and give people around you the greatest gift - HOPE.

With our hearts,


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