How to transform all the positive thoughts and actions in the reality?

How to make the DREAM WORLD 2100 come true?

I don’t know. Do you?

I assume neither of us really do. Neither knows your president. But, if all the humanity put their minds together, we will surely find a solution.

The Dream World 2100 document answered what we want. Now we need to find out where are we now and find a way how to get where we want. We suggest following these steps.

1 - DREAM WORLD - We need to know exactly where we are going. We wrote a draft about our dreams.

2 - REALITY NOW - WHERE ARE WE NOW? A detailed and objective description of NOW in all parts of the world. What do we already have that can help us come closer to our dreams? We will place the situation now in a historical, political, geographical, cultural and religious context. In addition to this, we will gather the information about what in the world reality is already heading in the direction of our dream. 3 - CHALLENGES - There are no problems, only challenges. So, what do not like?

4 - SOLUTIONS - Governments, organizations as well as individuals present their solutions...

5 - ACTION - ...describe the projects already in progress as well as suggest new ones...

6 - EVALUATION - and ask what has been done? What was good? What could be better?

7 - PUBLISH ALL - Then we tell people what we did and set an example for others to follow.

In order to bring any change in the world, we need to work on all the 7 levels of the society: INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY/COMMUNITY, CITY, MUNICIPALITY, REGION/STATE, COUNTRY and the WORLD.

The new revolution will happen online. We will make a system of internet portals, based on WIKI language. Each world citizen will be able to create an account and contribute.

The project is based on the Internet site that ANYONE can access and edit all the information.

We will make a portal of...

DREAMS - people will write their dreams and help each other to achieve them,

ONE WORLD - we will be looking for the way how to come where we want to as a humanity,

GOOD NEWS - news portal that focus on good news

SHARING - a portal where people will give away what they have and ask for what they need

GOVERNMENT and PUBLIC INSTITUTION - make government transparent and make a direct democracy possible.

There will be no money involved in the project ONE WORLD. We will only ask for what we need: enthusiastic volunteers, material things and services.


...who aspire to see DREAM WORLD.

...and guard the purity of ONE WORLD - visit and contribute!

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