We aspire to live in a federation, with no borders, no weapons, no hungry people and clean nature.

In fact several different world constitutions have already been drafted and proposed. Now we just need to develop a strong enough movement to support their adoption and the establishment of a World Parliament, World Government, and International Rule of Law - which will enable, We the People, to come together to solve our primary global problems and challenges.

An International Registry of World Citizens and an elected Peoples Congress are working on developing a strategy by which we can work towards agreeing on the form and structure for, and to establish, such a World Government. See: Recim.

In addition, we are beginning to organize a Global Partnership for World Democracy and a Global Action Campaign which will include the best proposals and initiatives for solving our global problems. We will ask that these proposals and initiatives be supported, adopted and implemented by the World Parliament and Government as it develops and is popularly recognized. You can support, endorse, and contribute to this campaign. See: CMS webpage and GPWD.

Take a look at the very sophisticated constitution for World Federation

Also take a look at the documents that have been uploaded.